Experience Design

Episode Suyu 838

Episode Suyu 838 is the largest single building among co-living brands in the world, with commercial facilities located from the first basement level to the fourth floor, and residential facilities located from the third floor to the 23rd floor. It is a residential culture platform with various shared spaces with a total of 838 householders...


p r o j e c t   o v e r v i e w Rounz store in Pan-gyo, designed by Collective B, is an integrated online and offline eyewear shop where you can experience more than 3,000 products and their brand stories. It is also a brand experience store where you can enjoy..


Subtraction and ÷ division Seoul Made Space, created under the identity of ‘taste discovery place’ that empties physical property and fills up with a taste. The place is a complex cultural space where introduces every aspect of culture, product and industry in Seoul while the city is evolving from a manufacturing to the creative era...

Orthomol Popup Store

Orthomol is a German health food brand famous for its high vitamin content. Dong-A Pharmaceutical started officially importing Orthomol Immune in 2020 and launched a pop-up store on the 3rd floor of Lotte Department Store’s main branch until mid-November.

Race 981 at 9.81 Park

9.81 PARK 9.81 Park is an eco-friendly Gravity Racing theme park featuring self-developed engineless racing carts that utilize gravitational force (g=9.81 m/s2) to race down sloping tracks. The design of the racing tracks and carts are optimized for Gravity Racing and make up the components of a system that integrates information and communication technologies (ICT)..