Orthomol Popup Store

Dong-A Pharmaceuticals
Popup Store
Hyoungseok Lee, Aram Jeong

Orthomol is a German health food brand famous for its high vitamin content. Dong-A Pharmaceutical started officially importing Orthomol Immune in 2020 and launched a pop-up store on the 3rd floor of Lotte Department Store’s main branch until mid-November.

Under the design concept of ‘unboxing’, main strategy was to deliver the brand’s image in a simple but intuitive way in a space that oversized the product by borrowing the features of Orthomol’s blue box and bright orange package.


In order to convey the image of premium vitamins Orthomol pursues, blue SUS and orange acrylic were used as the main finish material and, the back wall and front of the pop up store is designed to be symbolizing top view of the opened product package. Each of the three display boxes in the center introduces Orthomol’s entire brands, Immune, and product composition, and a professional consultant resides in the layout to respond to customers. All the lights in the space are designed to make the product stand out without disturbing the gaze by using warm white indirect lighting.   

Overall, the design was praised by critics that it delivered the premium image of Orthomol well with an impactful design that attracts consumers’ attention even in the department store where there are many brands.