Mûrir the Brand

The Cell Company
Cosmetic Brand Design
Younjin Jeong, Minjeong Choi

b r a n d   v i s i o n

Just as everybody has a unique face, everybody carries a personal, unique beauty. mûrir is a ‘Lively Beauty Curation’ cosmetics brand that pays respect to the diversity of individuals and helps shining a light on each person’s unique beauty. 

B R A N D   c o r e   v a l u e

Mûrir is a ‘beauty pairing’ community that discovers ‘vibrant beauty’ in you by respecting your individuality and finding various ways to be beautiful. This identity of ‘beauty pairing’ will create a vast business expandability continuously by combining with any other beauty industry.





Customer Centric

Our top values are customer needs


Discover current trends 

Offer an unique experience of K-beauty  


Change & Growth

Constantly change and grow your individuality and beauty

B R A N D   d i f f e r e n t i a t i o n

#Beauty Pairing
We provide a service of your journey to discover your unique individual beauty any where and time.


B r a n d   I d e n t i t y


Mûrir is a ‘beauty pairing’ community that discovers ‘vibrant beauty’ in you by respecting your individuality and finding various ways to be beautiful. 

b r a n d   m a n i f e s t o

R e s p e c t

Mûrir RESPECTS your uniqueness.

[ By myself ⎟ For me ⎟ Individually ]

e m b r a c e

Mûrir EMBRACES diversity of beauty. 

[ Realize⎟ Discover⎟ Bloom ]

d i s c o v e r

Mûrir RESPECTS your uniqueness.

[ Change⎟ Grow⎟ Flourish ]



b r a n d   n a m i n g

m Û r I r [myʀiːʀ]

The French word mûrir describes the ripening of fruit, the blooming of flowers and the maturing process of humans. The brand mûrir stands for discovering one’s personal beauty and presenting it in full bloom.

The brand that matures my own beauty

b r a n d   d e s i g n

my, me, and mine – a repeating pattern made of the letter ‘m’ symbolizes the self and provides a foundation for the brand’s typeface motif. While the word mûrir symbolizes the self, all letters in the typeface of the brand name are derived from the letter ‘m’ and visualize the process in which one’s beauty presents itself as a beauty from within.



b r a n d   l o g o

Mûrir’s logo design concept, captured in the statement ‘the beauty of my authentic self comes from within me’, has its origin in its typeface.



b r a n d   c o l o r

Mûrir’s brand colors are inspired by the process of ripening (fruits) and blooming (flowers). The colors used are green for the fresh dawn of beauty, ivory for the blooming growth of beauty and pink for beauty in full bloom. Green is used for mûrir’s products, ivory for artist uniforms, and pink for the space of ‘Villa de mûrir’. The three colors are harmoniously combined to create the brand image.

b r a n d   s y m b o l

As everybody’s look is different, finding one’s way to beauty needs to be a personal affair. In addition to mûrir’s meaning of ripening (fruits) and blooming (flowers), the free circle symbolizes differences between people, just like fruits don’t look all the same and even flowers of the same type come in different shapes. The ‘free circle’ rejects uniform ideas of beauty and aims at the special and charming beauty each one carries. It also holds the meaning of mûrir’s ideas of “doing something for myself”, “finding myself” and “you and I grow and thrive together”.

“This guide symbolizes a free self that is not subjected to uniformity.”

Mûrir’s package design is made up of the free circle and the brand logo. Unnecessary elements were deliberately left out. A single packaging box features one free circle. Two boxes combined with partial circles also add up to a complete free circle. The same is true for three boxes combined. The reason behind the concept of several boxes combined showing one complete circle is to highlight mûrir’s brand identity which is based on each person’s self.

Mûrir’s package colors used are green for the fresh dawn of beauty and pink for the beauty in full bloom. Murir’s case is applied with gloss color which stands for ‘growing glowing’. it presents shining effect that is shining differently depending on the angles. For customer to meet shining murir at the moment of opening the box, the box is applied with a matt green and pink.