Experience Design


p r o j e c t   o v e r v i e w Rounz store in Pan-gyo, designed by Collective B, is an integrated online and offline eyewear shop where you can experience more than 3,000 products and their brand stories. It is also a brand experience store where you can enjoy..


Subtraction and ÷ division Seoul Made Space, created under the identity of ‘taste discovery place’ that empties physical property and fills up with a taste. The place is a complex cultural space where introduces every aspect of culture, product and industry in Seoul while the city is evolving from a manufacturing to the creative era...

Orthomol Popup Store

Orthomol is a German health food brand famous for its high vitamin content. Dong-A Pharmaceutical started officially importing Orthomol Immune in 2020 and launched a pop-up store on the 3rd floor of Lotte Department Store’s main branch until mid-November.

Race 981 at 9.81 Park

9.81 PARK 9.81 Park is an eco-friendly Gravity Racing theme park featuring self-developed engineless racing carts that utilize gravitational force (g=9.81 m/s2) to race down sloping tracks. The design of the racing tracks and carts are optimized for Gravity Racing and make up the components of a system that integrates information and communication technologies (ICT)..